VIDEO: Alexis on World Cup, Chile, fans

In part two of our exclusive interview with Alexis Sanchez, he discusses the World Cup, La Liga, the Premier League and more:

Alexis, you're just back from the World Cup. How was that experience?
It was a great experience, both for me and the team. Sadly Chile couldn´t progress any further but we gave our best and we showed that we are a strong team with quality. I feel we earned everyone´s respect.
It was a South American World Cup, how important was the performance of Chile as a nation?
Playing in South America meant a lot to Chile as a nation. On a personal level the World Cup changed my life completely. I learnt attacking and defensive concepts and my decision-making on the pitch improved a lot too.
You are coming to Arsenal from Spanish football, you have played in Argentina and Italy too. What are you expecting to face in English football generally?
I always liked English football and of course I enjoyed watching it. Having played in Italy, Spain or Argentina, it's taught me a lot about those countries footballers and people too. I am in England now and my aim is to keep learning.
What kind of challenges do you expect to face in English football?

I feel that playing in England will be perhaps the most challenging step I´ve ever taken in my football career. There are plenty of competitive teams in the league and I will do my best sincerely to win as much as possible.

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Every new player needs time to adapt. Do you think it will be a little easier as you have moved around before?
Simply, I will adapt as the time goes by. I just want to play football and ultimately enjoy myself on the pitch.
Your Chile team-mate Gary Medel has played in the Premier League. Did you speak to him about English football?
Yes, of course Gary and I talked a bit about English football. He very much likes English football and he is doing a great job in here.
You are known as a very hard working player, is that the most important aspect of adapting?
A footballer should always work hard for his team in order to win everything, so it is an important quality for everyone.
In La Liga last year you scored 19 goals and made 10 assists.  Which do you prefer scoring or making goals?
To be honest I like both scoring and making goals. Obviously, scoring is a very pleasant thing, but it also pleases me a lot to make goals for my team-mates. Ultimately though, winning is the best feeling.
Players like Salas and Zamarano have done well at top clubs Spain and Italy but no Chilean has won big honours in England. Do you feel  perhaps you are representing your country with this move?
I feel I am always representing my country. That´s why I tried to do my best for every club I played for. Since childhood I have always said that I wanted to win everything, wherever I went, and that is the reason why I am here now.
Who was your football hero growing up and why?
I didn´t have any particular idol during my childhood. I admired Zamorano and Salas because they were important Chilean players, but if I have to pick one I would say the Brazilian Ronaldo. I always admired him as a player.
What made him so admirable?
He was very strong on the pitch and watching him really motivated me to play football.
Finally, give us your message for the fans
Ultimately I have come to Arsenal to win everything possible thing with the help of my team-mates. I look forward to making the fans very happy.

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