VIDEO: Alexis Sanchez's first interview

Alexis Sanchez signed for Arsenal on Thursday - and now you can watch his first interview as a Gunner right here! Here is a transcript of what he had to say:

Alexis, Welcome to Arsenal, how does it feel to have joined the club?

I feel happy to be here. I know this club has a manager that looks after his players and takes care of them as well. I am here to win titles and to achieve as much as possible.  
What do you know about Arsenal?

Arsenal is a club that cares about the players and I can learn a lot here. It is also a great team. That’s why I am here.
Do you know you are the first Chilean player we have ever had? That must make you proud

I am certainly glad to be the first Chilean ever playing for Arsenal. I will do my best to achieve every possible thing with the club.

How influential was Arsène Wenger in your decision to move to the club?

I was told that he is a manager you can learn a lot with. He wants to achieve great things in football and that helped me make the decision to sign for Arsenal.

Arsène's teams are known for playing football with style. How important is that to you?

Arsene Wenger´s style of play is the sort of style the Chilean national team has. Therefore I am used to it. Arsenal plays very well, which fits my style. That's why I moved here.  

You can play in a few attacking roles. Has the manager talked about where he might use you?

The manager has mentioned some certain positions, but I am not worried about it right now. The manager and I will talk about my role as soon as I start training.

Did you follow the club’s fortunes last season - and particularly the FA Cup final win?

I think that Arsenal had a good season. The team not only plays really good football, but the squad is really good and we can win silverware.
How important was the signing of Mesut Ozil last year in the way Arsenal are viewed around Europe?

Mesut Ozil is an important player worldwide, both at club and at international level. With Ozil in the squad Arsenal was [close] to winning the league title. I hope I can make a contribution so we can win as many titles as possible.
With Ozil, yourself and the rest of the squad, how confident are you that Arsenal can challenge for the Premier League title?

We have a great squad and we are a big club. We can achieve big things.

What about the league title? Is it possible to win it?

Playing regularly wasn't the only reason why I came here. I came here to win the league title, the Champions League and every title at stake.
Emirates Stadium is one of the most famous in world football, how much are you looking forward to playing there?

I am definitely looking forward to playing there. Every child dreams to play in a ground like Emirates Stadium.

Your debut could come in the Emirates Cup at the start of August. How is important is it to start well in front of the home supporters?

The most important thing is to be calm and not to rush things. Everything will be fine as long as I take it easy and calm down. But I am also looking forward to showing why I am here.

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