Rosicky - This is the right place for me

Tomas Rosicky is proud to be staying at Arsenal - and he's convinced he can win trophies at Emirates Stadium.

The Czech international marks eight years with the Club this summer and his contract extension - announced on Tuesday - could see Rosicky end his career in north London.

"I'm very happy that I'm staying here," he told Arsenal Player. "I can say that I'm proud that I'm still here after such a long time and that it still continues so I'm glad I'm here.

"I feel very good - I don't feel any difference to how I felt a couple of years back"

"Ever since I came here, I always felt that I'm at the right place where I want to be. I still feel that way now and as I said, I'm proud that after such a long time I'm still here and will continue.

"One big factor is that I want to win the league with Arsenal. It's my big goal and I will do everything that I can to achieve it. I've said many times that I believe that we are strong enough."

Rosicky spent almost two years on the sidelines after picking up a serious injury in January 2008 but he's enjoying an 'Indian summer' at the age of 33 and was recently described by Arsene Wenger's as "the great accelerator" of Arsenal's attacking game.

"There's a big influence from him [the manager] as well," said Rosicky. "I admire the type of football that he wants to play - it's basically the same type that I want to play. It's what we have in common and that's why we are continuing together.

"I feel very good - I don't feel any difference to how I felt a couple of years back. I'm 33 already and it can change quickly. I don't know how it will go on but at this moment I don't feel any difference in myself to the past."

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