'It was one of the best goals I've seen'

Arsene Wenger faced the media shortly after watching his team beat Norwich City at Emirates Stadium. Here's a transcript from his press conference:

on the first goal...
It was certainly one of the best [Arsenal] goals, one that I enjoyed the most as well because it was a team goal. It had combinations and the speed which you always like your team to play with, unfortunately it doesn't happen always. This one was a mixture of technical quality, speedy thinking, quick reaction and as well being calm in front of goal. It had nearly everything you want to have, combined speed and calm and relaxed attitude. It was a great goal. I think we have scored some good goals this season already. All the goals were great, but the first was exceptional because it was improvised, combination play.

on the game…
We won 4-1 and their keeper had a good game. But I think as well that Norwich played well, so it is strange. They made it difficult for us. We had a difficult period between 30 and 60 minutes where we struggled a little bit to keep our game going. I would come out of the game thinking Norwich is a good team.

"The first goal was a mixture of technical quality, speedy thinking, quick reaction and as well being calm in front of goal"

on Flamini...
He had concussion. He had double vision, so on the advice of the doctor I took him off because I did not want to take any gamble. I don't know if he'll be available for Dortmund, it depends now what the doctors will decide. Sometimes they are not allowed to play for five days, it depends how big the concussion was.

on rotating his midfielders...
We play seven games in 23 days, and that means we will need everybody. I could rest Ramsey a little bit because he has basically played every minute of the season and also the two international games for Wales. It gives me an opportunity as well to give the players a little breather before they will get injured. I will juggle. Everybody will play. At the moment, don't forget we still do not have Walcott, Chamberlain or Podolski.

on echoes of the Invincibles...
It is a bit early, we are not at Christmas yet! But honestly we have a good attitude and are hungry, with a good solidarity level. We certainly get that as well from the stand. We have quality, but how far we will go is down to how consistent we can be, how much effort we put into every single game and how much we are able not to get into a comfort zone. That is the top level.

on self-belief...
We have belief. The belief is strengthened by every win. We have come out of a long period where most of the time in recent years in October we were already looking forwards from being behind. At the moment we are in a better position, but there is a long way to go. We just have to focus on developing as a team and keep the solidarity we have.

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