Nelson: ‘I’m overwhelmed by the occasion’

Reiss Nelson made his first Premier League appearance since the opening day of last season when he came on during the first half on Sunday, and the young winger made the most of his opportunity.

He grabbed two goals within the space of three minutes, then set up our fourth goal for Thomas Partey in an eye-catching display at the Emirates.

The 22-year-old spoke to Arsenal Media after the game, here’s what he said:

On the performance…

Yeah, it was an amazing display from us you know, and of course I’m just happy to get on and get a couple of goals. But the most important (thing) was the three points, and the display we did it in.

On his reaction when he was brought on…

When I went to warm-up I was thinking ‘I’m just going to warm-up and then maybe come back down again’, but he said ‘OK maybe warm-up for a bit longer’, and I kept warming up and I came back down, warmed-up again. So I kept going up like a yo-yo, and then he said ‘Reiss you’re coming on’. I was just like ‘oh wow’. But I knew it was on of those - it was my moment, so I had to seize it you know. So I’m just happy and delighted that I could get on and just help the team.

On his two goals…

It it was amazing - like I was playing FIFA a bit you know, Yeah the first one, I think the first one - Gabi saw me in the box and I knew I could get there, so I had to get there. I was going to take it first-time, and I kind of rolled it onto my left and hit it, and then I think the keeper saved - and I was gutted. Then it came back out and my eyes lit-up and I just hit it…and it when bang into the top corner. So I was really delighted. Then the second one, I was just busting my gut to get into the box, and I think I got there and of course I just placed it into the corner. But like I said, I’m just really happy, and just overwhelmed by the occasion.

On scoring in front of supporters, compared to his goal behind closed doors against Liverpool…

And just the sound effects… it’s like you said, I’ve been waiting patiently you know. I’ve been on loan, and sometimes you feel like it’s not going to come you know. But of course, I believe in God, and I believe in myself, and I believe in the team. So I’ve just been patient and ready for that. Ready for the opportunity to come.

On giving him confidence…

I think it gives me all the confidence in the world you know. And yeah like I said I’m just going to keep training every day, like I can. Hard as I can, if I get another opportunity just to keep going, helping the team really - and just keep pushing on.

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