My top-five goalkeepers | Matt Macey

There's been no shortage of goalkeeping inspiration for Matt Macey.

The 25-year-old has worked with some world-class stoppers since joining us from Bristol Rovers in 2013, and has also been influenced by some of the most talented stars across Europe.

We caught up with Macey recently and asked him for his top-five goalkeepers. This is what he said...


"The first goalkeeper I ever really looked up to when I first started playing was Petr Cech. Fortunately he ended up coming to Arsenal a few years ago and it was like a dream come true for me as a kid, looking up to him.

"He was a similar sort of physique to me, especially when I was growing up, so I felt that by copying him and by doing things in a similar way to him, it would improve my game.

"The thing with Petr is that he never really seemed to have one weakness to his game. He worked incredibly hard to maintain all areas of his game across the board, whatever that may be. He displayed his skill every week consistently. He was an incredible cross-taker and used to take the pressure off the defence a lot. The key for me is that he was unbelievably consistent and he didn't seem to have any weaknesses."


"Second on my list is Manuel Neuer. Watching the World Cup in 2014, he almost reinvented the way that sweeper keepers played the game in recent times. That took an immense amount of bravery on his part to take the risks of taking so high out of his goal and playing a new style of goalkeeping which wasn't seen at the time.

"That's been copied throughout the world now and the way that goalkeeping is going has reflected what he was doing in that World Cup. To perform at that level on the biggest stage and then to go on to win it, his role in that competition for Germany was completely underrated. He was a massive part of them winning the World Cup."


"Third on my list is Marc-Andre ter Stegen. He has a unique job to do at Barcelona. They play an incredible technical and tactical game with their feet, and his ability to play naturally off his right foot and left foot, short and long passes, is something that very few keepers in the world are able to do."


"Alisson is fourth on my list. He has a ridiculous clean-sheet record for Liverpool. Some people may look at that and say it's because he's in a great team and he's lucky but I can assure you that it's not down to luck.

"He is the best goalkeeper in the world right now. I would love to see him be challenged in another team, just to prove to the critics that he is the best at the moment."


"Fifth on my list is Lukasz Fabianski. When I first joined Arsenal, he was at the club for two years before moving on. It's a personal reason for me to put him in my top five because from the first day, he completely displayed what you need to be a top-class goalkeeper.

"I think he's massively underrated in the Premier League. At his time in the club, he taught me an incredible about the discipline and hard work that goes into performing every week, and his quality in training was unbelievable even when he wasn't playing because of Wojciech. He never let his standards drop."

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