Merci Arsène: Burnley (h) post-match activities

Arsene Wenger

To celebrate Arsène Wenger’s 22-year career as our manager, there will be some special activities to mark his last home match at the Emirates Stadium.

There will be a tribute book in the Armoury where fans can write a message to Arsène, which will be given to him once the season draws to an end. We will also have a free green screen experience in store, allowing fans to be stood next to Arsène and have their picture taken with him.


All supporters inside the stadium will receive a commemorative t-shirt, which we are asking everyone to wear during the match, in order to create a special atmosphere for Arsène’s last home match as our manager.


At half-time, we will also be showing a memorial graphic on the stadium big screens featuring the names of fans who have sadly passed away during this season. This will give us all the opportunity to show our respects to our fans who are no longer with us.


We ask all supporters to stay in the stadium after the final whistle, when we will be coming together to thank Arsène for being the most successful manager in our history.


We will also be saying a big thank you to first-team captain Per Mertesacker, Women’s captain Alex Scott and legendary kit man and founder of the Women’s team, Vic Akers, before Arsène and the first-team squad embark on a lap of appreciation after the match.


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