Lotte and Emily on “showing what we’re made of”

A win against Chelsea in the Conti Cup final signified yet another example of our team’s work ethic and technical ability.

Lotte Wubben-Moy and Emily Fox were both integral to the 1-0 win over Chelsea on Sunday, keeping Emma Hayes’ forwards at bay to secure a clean sheet in Wolverhampton.

Speaking after the match, the defensive duo waxed lyrical on the fantastic support from Gooners at Molineux Stadium.

“We heard the fans so loud today and we did it for them,” Lotte said. “Particularly going towards a clock end that we went towards and they’re the ones that got the last word today so it feels very special.”

“It was amazing,” Emily added. “Like Lotte said, the crowd and the chants after was special and, going to the game, we said we were going to do it for the fans and I feel like we did, so it’s amazing to have that all come together and win.”

“You take away the trophy, beating Chelsea in itself in a top season that they’re having, particularly coming off the back of the disappointing league loss, this was so much more than just a cup win,” Lotte said. “It was a win to show what we’re made of and how we want to play. We put our foot down in that respect today.”

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Emily added: “This game was more than just a final and playing against Chelsea and really showing what we can do, winning in this stadium was huge for us. Moving forward we have five games left in the season and want to really end it on a strong note.”

One of the staff members spotted on the pitch during our jubilant post-match celebrations was Sue the cook, who recently made a good luck video message for the team at Sobha Realty Training Centre.

“That’s the epitome of our team this season,” Lotte explained. “Obviously we’ve had highs and lows and people have come in, stepped in, new players coming in, it’s like a village. There are so many people that go into it, even the backroom staff, being able to get that many bums in seats, I think we filled 80 per cent of the stadium so that in itself is a massive achievement. 

"We don’t only look at the 11 players playing on the pitch, it’s much bigger than that and that’s what makes us a sustainable club for the future. This isn’t just one win, it’s not one cup, it’s a win for the future and when we put our mind to it and our best foot forward it’s definitely something that we can take in our stride to the end of the season and onwards.”

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