Little - How I’ve taken a step back from football

Kim Little

Kim Little has been using lockdown to take a step back from football and embrace her other interests

Our club captain eats, sleeps and breaths the beautiful game, but believes finding balance in life is vital.

“Having this amount of free time away from football isn’t something any of us could have predicted,” Little told

The reality is that a lot of us haven’t had a period like this in years where haven’t been playing games on an almost weekly basis, so I think if we all take this opportunity in the right manner and use it as something positive that can help us, then we can really use it to reflect, rest and ensure that we’re fresh for the new season, both physically and mentally.

“Even in the off season from previous years I’ve used it to stay away from football, but I guess that’s been easier this time as there obviously hasn’t been any football to watch! Instead, I’ve been reading a lot and looking at the things I do well outside of football too, which has been nice. Normally my head is really consumed by football, my training and my development, but this time we’ve got a little more freedom because we don’t have the pressures of playing and we haven’t had that for a little while now.

“That’s been nice for me because you can really get yourself into this little bubble in the football world and you become so focused, which is great and that’s something I really enjoy too, but it’s good to remind yourself that there is another side and there’s so much out there that you can put your time into and contribute to. That’s been really enjoyable for me.”

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