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Leicester City v Arsenal: The Brief

We can’t finish anywhere but sixth. Leicester are likely to finish ninth. So, to all intents and purposes, Wednesday’s game is something of a dead rubber.

The real story, of course, is Arsene Wenger.
After an emotional farewell to our home fans on Sunday, the boss has two away trips before he waves a final goodbye to our club.


#MerciArsene: our behind-the-scenes mini movie

And then what?
“After Huddersfield I will take a few days to think about all that, how I feel really, what my deep desire is, the challenge I want next,” he told
“I’ve made one decision until now, that I will continue to work, that’s for sure. My brain is active and it would be terrible for me not to work. In what capacity? I haven’t decided yet.
“For me, my life since I was a kid has revolved around football. I think that will continue. I have interests in politics, economics because I studied that… but after one or two days it becomes boring for me. My first reflex in the morning is always, ‘Is there a game to watch tonight?’.
On Wednesday (and Sunday) he will have a game to watch. And, typically, the boss wants three points as badly as ever.
Stay on this page for a comprehensive pre-match briefing ahead of the Leicester game. Watch some classic goals, hear more from the boss, get the latest team news and test your knowledge.


'It will be a bit new for me to think of myself first'

Wenger on leaving


Jack Wilshere’s future has been up in the air for a while but the boss is convinced he will stay at Emirates Stadium.
“The latest conversation I had with Jack looks positive for the club,” he said. “I am not involved in the negotiations anymore but of course I am still in touch with Jack. If he wants my advice, I will give it to him. I’m convinced, like I always was, that his future is here.

“It was always my wish [that he stays] and I think it will happen.”

Jack Wilshere in training before the Leicester City game

Jack Wilshere in training before the Leicester City game


ARSENAL: Ozil (back), Elneny (ankle), Ospina (rib), Koscielny (Achilles)
 LEICESTER: Diabate (illness), Dragovic (shoulder), Simpson (groin), Huth, Chilwell, Schmeichel, Okazaki (all ankle), Ndidi, Amartey (both hamstring), James (Achilles) 

Mesut Ozil



Leicester City (h) - Bitesize


“I need to organise my life a little bit, because at the moment I’ve organised the lives of others more than my own life.
“I’ve neglected many of the aspects of my own life. Also, I would say that a lot was organised for me because I have a structure around me that has done so well for me and taken care of me.
“The examples are when I travel, whether I will need a car or a cab, all the details… whether I will need dinner somewhere… I never had to do it myself, just to say what I wanted to do. I will have to organise my life in a different way.
“I didn’t have to do a lot, and now I will have to do it myself!”

Matchday Show: Leicester (a)

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