Learn more about our Invincibles with our A-Z

If you're new to our Invincibles, take a look back at some of their best moments from the 2003/04 season with our A-Z guide!

Our most memorable campaign ever came to its undefeated conclusion 20 years ago, and was packed with highlights that any Gooner lucky to witness at the time will never forget.

If you're a new supporter, were too young to see them in action or just want to relive the glory again, all the best goals, pieces of skill and incredible moments are included in this handy video, helping to get you up to speed on what our players achieved that no other team in the modern era can lay claim to.

Press play on the video above to enjoy the majesty of our unbeaten side.



Kolo Toure: The six games that made us Invincible

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Invincibles season, Kolo Toure sat down with Frimmy to pick out the six key moments of that famed 2003/04 campaign.

It was a breakout campaign for the Ivorian, who slotted into the centre-back position at the start of the season and made it his own, forging a strong partnership with Sol Campbell at the heart of our defence, and played in all-but-one of the 38 unbeaten games.

Therefore he is an ideal person to give an inside view of the campaign, as he chats about the most important matches and how proud he was to play under Arsene Wenger that season.

Press play on the video above to hear his memories.

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