Lacazette - I get goosebumps when I hear my song!

Alex Lacazette
Alex Lacazette

"He’s our Frenchman, he’s our No 9. He plays for Arsenal in red and white. Scoring goals is what he does best... and he goes by the name of Lacazette!”

One of our most popular fan chants in recent years has been that dedicated to Alex Lacazette.

Our French striker has been at the club since 2017, and admits that when he hears our supporters start it up - to the tune of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ - it means the world to him.

“It’s true, I get goosebumps just when I think about it,” Lacazette told the matchday programme. “It’s really, really nice to have your own song. When you hear it in the stadium it’s just a great feeling. 

“For some reason in the past week the players have been singing it to me a lot, I don’t know why! Bukayo keeps singing it to me, but it’s really nice. 

“I had a song in Lyon, and I have one here, so it’s a big honour for me. To have a song from the fans at a big club like Arsenal is really, really special.”

That relationship Laca has built up with the Arsenal fans has grown over the years, from when he first arrived as a 26 year old, to regularly captaining the side now.

“I meet a lot of fans when I go out,” he said. “But recently I’ve been staying at home as much as possible with Covid, so maybe I don’t see as many as I did before.

“It was funny when I first came over though, because when I went out in London I noticed how big the club’s fanbase was. Sometimes I would go out and in one day I would meet about 20 or 25 different people, all telling me they supported Arsenal.

“At first I thought they can’t all be Arsenal fans, maybe they were just saying that because they recognised me. I thought ‘are there only Arsenal fans in London?’ But soon with time I just understand that no, it’s just that Arsenal is a huge famous club with lots of fans everywhere – not only in London.”

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