Lacazette - Baku disappointment can drive us

Alex Lacazette
Alex Lacazette

When Alex Lacazette thinks back to last season’s Europa League final, he still shakes his head in disappointment.

The journey home from Baku, after we had been beaten by Chelsea, was one our French striker will never forget - and now he wants to right some wrongs in the Heads Up FA Cup final on Saturday.


“Nobody was talking - it was a long flight," Lacazette said. "Really silent. Maybe the worst flight I have ever had. 


"When you lose a final, it is really hard to try to talk with someone or to laugh. Obviously everybody was disappointed.


“Hopefully everyone who played will not forget the final last season. Everybody has to find their own motivation for this game.


"Whether that is to think about the past or the future, or whether it is just because they want to win this game,  I don’t really care why they want to win. But normally everybody wants to win."

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