Jens – When I fell in love with English football

Jens Lehmann
Jens Lehmann

When Jens Lehmann joined us in 2003, he certainly wasn't averse to the robust nature of the Premier League. 

Speaking exclusively to our 'In Lockdown' podcast, our former goalkeeper explained how he fell in love with English football on a dramatic afternoon at Old Trafford in 2003.


"There was a very tight moment at Manchester United,” Lehmann said. "After the game I called home and said, 'I love English football. They push you, they punch you, you punch them, you push them and nobody gets sent off!' It was perfect. 


"After four or five days I learnt that three United players and four or five of our players were suspended for a game. Sometimes it didn't happen on the pitch, the punishments came afterwards. 


"I was actually quite proud that at Dortmund, I got sent off five times. I never got sent off at Schalke or Milan - I only got sent off at Dortmund. At Arsenal, I managed to stay on, unfortunately except for one occasion [in the 2006 Champions League final]."

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