Arsenal 3-1 Leicester City

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Iwobi - I'm feeling so confident now

Alex Iwobi turned in another stellar performance in the win over Leicester, as he continued his fine start to the season.

After the game the Nigeria international spoke to Arsenal Media about the game and his own form so far this term.

This is what he said:
on what was said at half-time…
The fact we were able to get the equalising goal gave us the confidence and the manager basically said for us to just keep on going. We showed the fighting spirit to keep on going in the second half. We had the opportunity to score goals, not just the three we did, but we were able to get more as well - we looked very dangerous going forward. We have to continue doing that with the big games we have got coming up as well.
on why we are a second-half team…
I don't know why that is, but at least we weren't going in at half-time losing. As I said, we got that equalising goal so we had that momentum as well.

on the third goal…
I was just trying to keep up with it! I was trying to be involved and create movement. But some of the play, not just from Mesut, but from Hector and Aubameyang as well. It was great for us, and it's good that we have that mentality that even though Auba was on the bench, he was able to make the difference today.
on his own form…
Yeah, it's going well, I'm very confident now. The manager is always being very positive to me, he's always telling me to keep on going even if I make a mistake. That's what I'm showing, and also proving to myself that I can put in 100 per cent throughout the game, and that's why I'm shattered right now! Yeah, that's basically what he's been telling me.
on 10 wins in a row…
It's good, let's try and make it 11. That's what we want to do, and I'm sure the fans do too. We can't just dwell on it, let's keep on going and better ourselves.


'Ozil is a born champion, an example to everyone'

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil delivered a memorable performance as we beat Leicester City on Monday night - and Hector Bellerin says it was the display of "a born champion".

The Spanish right-back was in fine form himself, but afterwards discussed the World Cup winner's performance with the media.

This is what Bellerin said:

on 10 wins in a row...
It’s difficult to pick up the run again once you’re on the international break because it feels like things break up a little bit so it was a big challenge for us to keep the run going. We were at home and every time we have the passion of ours fans with us it’s always that little bit easier. It was a tough first half because we knew they’re a team that plays good football and they have a lot of quality up front, but when we started playing in the second half and the passes were flowing and we could put a few attacks together the goals just kept coming.
on Mesut Ozil…
Mesut is a player that always keeps giving his best and is always surprising everyone and he’s a player that we’re very grateful and very lucky to have. When the team play well with good football and he can find space he’s always a killer with his passes and finishes, so for us to have a player like him in the team is very important.
on whether his jaw ever hits the floor when he’s watching Ozil…
It is like that! It’s like that in training and it’s like that game by game. It’s always a blessing to have players like that but the work comes from the whole team and it comes from the back from the goalkeeper to the striker. We’re all one and when you have players with such quality it’s always that little bit easier.

Ozil shoulder brush

Ozil shoulder brush

on what type of captain Ozil is…
Mesut is a player that has been through a lot in his career through loads of ups and downs, but most of all he’s a born champion and he’s a player who has so many records in the world of football, so he’s a player that is an example for everyone. Everyone wants to have the success that he’s had on and off the pitch, so for us to have someone like him as a captain is really important.
on his assessment of his performance…
These things can happen in football [the own goal]. You can’t always win and it’s something that we were a bit unlucky with as well, but it’s all about lifting your head up. It’s not about how many times you fall it’s about getting up after and with the help of my teammates we could get the game going. We knew that chances were going to come so it’s important that we scored them.
on how much more there is to give…
For us it’s always important to improve and keep things realistic. It’s a new season with a new manager and of course we’re almost in November already, so things are getting a bit easier in terms of tactically and we know the way that the coach wants to play. As you can see on the pitch we’re way more organised and the football flows a bit more, but as I’ve said, it’s only the start and there’s a lot of work we still need to do. Hopefully the results are going to keep coming.
on whether he’s ready to go again ahead of a busy week…
Of course, we’re always ready and we’re a team of players who are used to this kind of week so we will do the best we can and we will give 100% in the next game


'The chemistry is good and you can see that'

Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi is enjoying a stellar season, and he added another masterclass as we beat Leicester City to make it 10 wins on the bounce on Monday night.

The Nigeria international and Shkodran Mustafi spoke to the media after the match and this is what they said:

on the second-half performance
SM: I think we finished the first half well and it was important to score that equalising goal, that gives you a lot of motivation to go into the second half and keep pushing which we did for the last 15 minutes of the first half. Then in the second half we did some brilliant play, we have to give credit to the whole team because some of that stuff started with the goalkeeper and that gives us confidence for the games ahead of us. I am happy for Auba who came on and scored twice again, that shows every player in this team is important and everyone tries to give everything and overall we are happy.

on riding their luck in the first half...
AI: Leicester had a few chances but it shows that we have a winning mentality and were strong throughout the game and were able to withstand that and come out with another victory.

on Leicester's penalty shout...
AI: Honestly, you're testing my memory, I can't remember! But it wasn't given so that's good luck on our side.

on Mesut Ozil's display...
SM: I don't have to tell you he's a good player, he has shown that for the past years and when you give him the opportunity to  play in his favourite position just behind the striker he is capable of doing anything and I think he showed he can assist, score goals and make us look very dangerous going forward.

on what 10 wins in a row says about the team...
AI: We're very confident, everyone is excited, not just in matches but in training everyone is together, the chemistry is good and you can see that in the matches as well.