‘It’s like Transformers… Torreira becomes crazy!’

Lucas Torreria is one of the calmest members of the Arsenal squad off the pitch - but once he crosses the white line, it “is like Transformers”, according to Sokratis.

The Greek defender says his Uruguayan team-mate changes completely once he steps on to the pitch as he helps sweep up in front of the backline.

“When he is off the pitch, he is so calm but when he is on the pitch, it is like ‘Transformers’, he becomes crazy!” Sokratis said.

“He works very good, he is small but he is strong enough. I like him very much because he gives everything, he tries to defend every time and when we have players who do this work in front of us, it is very important.

“[The defensive unit] is getting better and better every month. It is not just the defence but the whole team: how we work, tactically, in the offence and the defence, we are getting better.”

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