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'I see the moment of change as a big opportunity'

Once the season ends on Sunday, Mikel Arteta intends to do a thorough and exhaustive assessment of our season.

With that time to sit back and study the campaign in depth, our manager is certain that it will allow him to build towards an exciting future next term.

"I want to reflect now, in the next week or so when we finish but I'm sure we've done a couple of things wrong, 100 per cent now I can tell you that now before going through it," Arteta said.

"So how am I going to make much better decisions and get the best out of these players and get the best out of this football club and all the resources that we have? I have spent a lot of time and effort identifying critical points to change and then how those changes are going to be made, in which timeframe we could do them and I want to spend time building, creating and with all the foundations that we have in place now, evolving the club and everything in the way that we want to do.

"I want a pre-season where we can work with the players and create. I'm a really creative person, I really want to create and evolve and a lot of the time since I've come here, I've been determined to make some very, very difficult decisions that I have to do.

"But I want to start doing more and more and more, because the capacity that we have to do it is incredible. I am so excited about that and I see that moment of a lot of change as a big opportunity for our future.

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