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'I hated playing against them in club football'

Every professional footballer has those opponents they just hate to play against.

For Caitlin Foord, they were Steph Catley and Lydia Williams.

"In a way, I've been playing with Steph since under-17s so for 10 years," Foord explained. "We've known each other a very long time. I guess in a club environment you see them day in, day out and I know them pretty well as footballers so it's all about getting to know them as people as well. 

"That's something I hadn't really had the chance to do. It's just good to have them around and they're always two players that I hated playing against in club football, so it's nice to have them finally on my team.

"I think it's good and we've all kind of had a similar path in our football career and for the last few years we've been doing seasons back to back with Australia and America. I think it's just come around the same time, that for all of us it's time for a change. 

"With European football at the level it's at and the English league making massive strides as well, I think that was very attractive to us. Everyone made this move individually and it's all just happened at the same time, so that just comes back to where we're at. To play for one club and be in one place, we've never had that before. 

"It was only a matter of time before I was going to come here, I just didn't know when it felt right. Arsenal felt like the right move and being here now, it definitely feels like that even more. To have Steph and Lyds around as well, familiar faces, these are two players I've never played with before at club level - only for the national team - so I'm excited to have them here at a club environment as well."

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