'I always thought about coming here, it's amazing'

Cedric Soares became our second signing of the January window when he joined the club from Southampton.

We sat down with the Portugal international to discuss the move, playing under Mikel Arteta and more.

Press the 'Play' button above to watch the full interview and you can read a transcript below.


Cedric, welcome to Arsenal. You're an Arsenal player, how does it feel?


It feels amazing. It's a dream come true being here, and being able to play for Arsenal is unreal.


You obviously had a great time at Southampton. Was it a tough decision to leave there?


Obviously it was important for me in my career to come here. They gave me the opportunity to play in the Premier League butit's amazing this step, to come here and play for Arsenal. To be able to reach this point is unbelievable.


What is it about Arsenal that's special to you?


For me, Arsenal is a top team. They are a very, very good club, with fantastic fans as well. They are known to be so well supported and for me, it's a pleasure to be here. Like I said, it's a dream come true because I always thought about coming here and imagined it, and seeing it happen is really amazing.


How quickly did the move happen for you since you first heard of Arsenal's interest in you?


It has been a while. We were close a few years ago, so it's not the first time. It didn't happen that time but now thank God it came true. I'm super happy.


It's a new era here under Mikel Arteta. How exciting is that to be part of?


Yes, it's good to watch. I've been watching the last couple of weeks as well. You can see that something changed, definitely. There is a lot of work to do but definitely already his ideas have started to appear in the game, that is good. I am sure Arsenal will be very successful.


What have you seen from this team under Mikel Arteta in the last few weeks? What are the changes that you have seen?


I see a team that wants to assume the game, a team that is comfortable to have the ball, and I see everyone looks like they are working hard when they lose possession as well. There's a high press and then it's all about controlling the opponent and trying to score as well. I think Arsenal is in a good way.


How big of an opportunity is this for you?


That's massive for me to come here. Like I said, I came to the Premier League four-and-a-half years ago and now to achieve this move to Arsenal is massive. It's all I wanted and it's really important in my career as well.


How would you describe your playing style and what can Arsenal fans expect from you?


It's a tough one! One hundred per cent that I will give all my best every day and every game. That's for sure. I try to be a guy with energy, a player that goes up and down. I like to consider myself a team player and yes, what can I say? It's difficult when you need to talk about yourself! But again, I will give my 100 per cent for the team and for the fans.

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