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 ‘He’s more mature and guides the team very well’

It has not escaped Arsène Wenger’s notice that Mesut Ozil has been in the form of his Arsenal career at Emirates Stadium.

The Germany playmaker has claimed two goals and four assists in his last five home games, and the boss was asked about the 29-year-old’s growing influence and his future after his most recent match-winning performance.

on whether Mesut Ozil’s goal shows why it is so important to keep him…
Not only that, I would say more important is the quality and the influence he has on the collective game, rather than his goal. You cannot wait to score a goal like that every week, but you can play like he plays usually every week. That is more important. If he adds that to his game, it’s even more important.

on if Ozil is currently in his best run of form at Emirates Stadium…
Yes. Certainly. I think he takes responsibility and that’s what you want from him. He is more mature, he guides the team very well, he does a lot on the ball and your heart rate always goes down when he has the ball.

on whether the team would miss Mesut more than Alexis…
I wouldn’t like to compare. You want nobody to leave and see where we stand on that. But at the moment, it’s very difficult. Until the end of the season we know what he is, but after that I cannot tell you.

on playing deeper and enjoying being able to spot the runs of team-mates…
He links up the play. When you have problems to build up the game, he comes a bit deeper and Iwobi goes a bit in his position. So overall, we still have a good occupation of the pitch and we know as well that the passing starts well.

on whether the responsibility Ozil has can help to convince him to stay…
No, I believe he wants to stay. He is not to be convinced.

on if there’s a need to sit down and have a conversation with Mesut…
Let us do that and let’s not talk about it.

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