Celebrating the FA Cup win - worldwide!

Arsenal's FA Cup triumph was watched by thousands of fans at Wembley - and millions more around the world.

Scroll down for pictures from our global Gunners, with quotes from supporters club representatives.

Arsenal Turkey

“More than 30 Gooners in Turkey celebrated the FA Cup win. It was a fantastic experience. We met two hours before kick-off and had dinner. Some of us brought our families as well.”

Arsenal Delhi

“There were around 200 Delhi Gooners at The Chatter House, all singing different chants throughout the game. It was full-blown party time. It was champagne football on the giant screen and shots of tequila and pints of beer off it!”

Arsenal China

“Thousands of Arsenal fans gathered in more than 45 cities across China to celebrate the FA Cup victory.”

Arsenal Bangladesh

“Us Bangladeshi Gooners had an awesome night supporting and singing for our beloved club. The crowd and their enthusiasm were up to the mark and they showed it through the chants for the clubs and the players.”

Arsenal Bosnia

“Forty supporters from Arsenal Bosnia gathered at Freaky’s Bar in Sarajevo.”

Arsenal Iraq

“Around 70 Gooners met in the Baghdad Al-Mansoor area.”

Arsenal France

“The FA Cup final party was held at the Lions Pub in Paris. There were more than 100 fans from everywhere in France and across the world. There never been so many
people in the bar's history and the atmosphere was amazing!”

Arsenal Philippines

“Fifty members of Arsenal Philippines met at Skippy’s Bar in Manila.”

Arsenal Orlando

“There were 80 fans in attendance at the XL Soccer World (Orlando FL).”

Arsenal Vietnam

“Vietnam had 500 fans in Hanoi and 600 in Ho Chi Minh City watching the game.”

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