The view from Indonesia

FA Cup Final 2014 - View from Indonesia

Arsenal's dramatic FA Cup final victory against Hull City sparked wild celebrations from Gooners around the world. We asked Bernadette Kartika for the lowdown on how Indonesia greeted the result...

"Flares, fireworks, confetti, never-ending chants while people screamed, cried and embraced their friends at our match screening. The final was an unbelievable moment that we cannot forget for the rest of our lives. We were there when Arsenal won a thrilling FA Cup final!

"With 100 regions from Sabang through to Merauke, and with 7,000 registered members, Arsenal Indonesia Supporters Club decided to make the final the biggest match screening in its history and a memorable moment for those who attended it.
It was held near Indonesia’s capital, Tangerang. There were 3,000 people gathered from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi region in Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutra.

The fans watch the final in Indonesia

The fans watch the final in Indonesia

"In the Central Java area, the Yogyakarta branch invited their closest regions - Kudus, Pati, Magelang - to Wings Café and there were around 1,000 people there. We also had another big one in West Java, Bandung, with 1,800 members attendeding a match screening at Bandung Sports Centre.

"Even though the game was started with two early goals from Hull but it didn’t stop our support. There were constant chants as we kept our belief and when Ramsey’s goal went in, it transformed the screening into a party. There were flares, fireworks, and confetti when the final whistle went as everyone went mad. This was what we had been waiting for over the last nine years and we had done it!

"And it's Arsenal, Arsenal FC, we're by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen!"

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