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Expected goals? 5-2. Actual goals? 1-3

We had 32 shots against Manchester United on Sunday - an average of more than one every three minutes - but after 96 thrilling minutes we had just one goal and no points.

‘Expected goals’ (or xG) is a metric that has been more prominent this season and, on the strength of that measurement, we should have won the game 5-2.

The only score that matters though is the goals tally - and we fell short at both ends of the pitch.

Here’s what Arsene Wenger thought:

on the xG [expected goals] being 5-2 in Arsenal’s favour…

Yes, of course [that’s clear] if you have seen the game. What would be fair in football is that in these kinds of games you have to be efficient and we had the chances to score, we didn’t take them and their keeper as well had an outstanding game. In these kind of games from the start you have to dictate your strengths in the duels from the back and I felt that at the back our concentration wasn’t sharp enough from the start and not dominant enough.

We have produced an excellent performance, but we conceded three goals and we had at least 10 chances and we were not efficient enough in the box. That’s the reality of that and I feel sorry for the players because our spirit was outstanding, the quality of our performance was outstanding, but at the end of the day we weren’t efficient enough because we didn’t start enough in areas where it matters.

on Mustafi…

I don’t know what [injury] he has. I don’t know what’s wrong with him at all.

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