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Every word from Mikel Arteta's pre-Porto presser

Less than 48 hours after we had beaten Brentford to move to the top of the Premier League, Mikel Arteta was facing the media again - this time at the Sobha Realty Training Centre to discuss our Champions League encounter with Porto.

The boss was asked plenty of questions from the press, including team news updates, the opportunity to reach the quarter finals for the first time since 2010, what we need to do differently to the first leg and more.

Here is everything he had to say:

on the latest team news:
Not many updates – we still have 24 hours and we’re trying to have everybody fit an available.

on Tomiyasu:
He did the first part, Gabi didn’t, but that’s what we’re hoping for [Tomi to be involved].

on Liverpool v Manchester City and the title race:
It’s great to be top, that’s for sure – it was an amazing game of football with two magnificent teams, with so many alternatives. I think it’s an amazing situation that we are even involved, looking at the level that those two teams have, and we are still there and we’re still at the top. So, the ambition rises, we want to continue to be there, and we have to go game-by-game.

on how much the squad has galvanised around Ramsdale:
The unity around the players is amazing because it’s organic, it’s natural. They really feel for each other and when they have opportunities to do something to make somebody look better or get him out of trouble, they are ready to do it. It was a great example again of the quality of the team and the people that we have within there.

on what we have to do differently against Porto tomorrow compared to the first leg:
We’re certainly going to have to tweak a few things to generate much more than what we did against them. It’s the level of the Champions League; you’re facing top teams, the fact that there are two games as well plays on your mind and we’re going to have to be better tomorrow.

on the potential of a first quarter-final since 2010:
That’s the opportunity that we have tomorrow, in front of our people and in our stadium. For 96 minutes bring your energy, bring your noise and let’s do it together.

on the part the crowd will play:
I think the impact they can make tomorrow is incredible. I don’t think that they really realise so we need that noise and we need them playing every single ball with us. We need that emotion controlled as well to understand that the game can go through certain phases and we have to be really intelligent to push in the right moments to get what we want. It is a beautiful opportunity to live these nights - it’s been 14 years so everything that we put in is going to be worth it.

on what it feels like on the touchline when the crowd are on form:
That I want to go out there and play! That’s the feeling that we have; that it is a joy to be part of this club and enjoy being a part of these kind of games. Tomorrow is going to be a great night.

on what he’s learnt from the first leg:
Every week, every opponent has their strengths and weaknesses and the way that they approach the game and now we know them a bit better. We have played these kind of games many times in the Premier League, we played one two days ago. We’ll just focus on being ourselves and do more of the things that we can control better than we did a few weeks ago.

on the potential of being top of the Premier League and in the last eight of the Champions League:
We have to make it happen tomorrow, but we have to be very good to achieve that.

on if the players need to control their passion and emotion:
For sure, but the game context is very important and we know that we have a long match to play and there can be moments when things go your way and moments that can change dramatically quickly. Emotionally we have to be very prepared to play in those games.

on being able to call on Jesus, Zinchenko and experienced players:
Well unfortunately we haven’t had them for long periods this season, the same for someone like Thomas [Partey] as well but we have others as well that will learn from experiences of playing those games and the boys will be ready tomorrow.

on if they’re fit enough to start the game:
Well everybody that is available has to be available enough to play because you might have to play after five minutes or from the start and the boys are in a good place.

on his best memories of playing in Europe:
I have a few. When we played here with Barca and Bayern Munich as well, it was an amazing night as well as when we had to come back against Milan, so there are a few but now it’s recent and about tomorrow, the present. We have to make it happen tomorrow.

on what we need to do to get over the line:
Prepare in the best possible way, make a lot of right decisions and then be brave and have the courage to make things happen. You can’t wait in these situations, you have to go and make things happen and that’s the approach tomorrow.

on if there was a game where he realised the impact fans can have:
The first derby that I played with PSG against Marseille I could not believe the atmosphere. I went to Scotland and played in the Old Firm and I was shocked, so it can play a huge part in giving you so much energy and belief and I’m sure tomorrow is going to be that.

on if Martinelli can play tomorrow:
Percentage you want? There are options. Sorry to disappoint you!

on the suggestion that Arsenal want to play and Porto want to win:
There is no interpretation, those are strong words.

on how hungry he is to win tomorrow:
Now a lot because I haven’t had my dinner yet! We have to achieve something we haven’t done for 14 years so you can imagine.

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