Every word: Eidevall reacts to FA Cup final defeat

Jonas Eidevall

Jonas Eidevall cut a frustrated figure on Sunday as his first trip to Wembley Stadium ended in a 3-0 defeat against Chelsea. 

We spoke to our head coach after the final whistle - and here's what he had to say: 

on the performance…
It was a poor performance from us, from the quality. It’s not the effort that’s failing, the players were trying very, very hard on the pitch, but we don’t have good enough quality in our passing game today or in our defensive play and that’s very disappointing in a game like this that we can’t perform better. The only thing we can do is learn from that and come back stronger. 

on when he had to consider changing our system and approach…
I think you have to see for us that we still need to progress and develop the way that we play defence, and for us it’s about saying that when we don’t have pressure on the player that can play the pass on the opposition, then we need to protect the space behind us. We’re not recognising that at the moment early enough, and we’re not protecting that space good enough. The only thing we can do is learn, and do it better next time. 

on our attacking issues…
It’s connected, I think it’s both. I think we also won the ball high a number of times against Chelsea, we were just not able to convert in the same way that they were. But obviously from the buid-up we can do better. We need to play the ball a little bit faster, so that we do not lose the ball in those situations. Those things are all connected. Obviously we need to progress there as well.

on what his message was to the players after the game…
That I understand that they’re disappointed, because I am also very disappointed. I know we can do much much better than we did today, and that hurts a lot that we didn’t do that. I also told them that everyone will think that we are (not good) today, but we need to remember as a group of players - and also with all the family, friends and loved ones in stadium today watching - that we have risen before when we have failed. We have been there for each other, they have been there for us, helping us to do that, and we will do that again. So we know this happens sometimes, it’s really hurtful when it (does happen). We suffer with the players and the staff that they have to experience this today, but we will rise again.

on what a game like this can teach us…
Obviously it gives you answers, every game that you play does that. It’s hurtful when you don’t perform the way that you want to, but just like when we’re winning the thing you need to do is look forward, and say what can we take away from this game, what do we need to develop further, and how do we do it. How do we work together as a team, so that everyone has a common ambition. 

on the importance of everyone picking themselves back up for Thursday…
It’s so important. It will all start with believing 100 per cent in what we’re trying to do on the pitch and to show ourselves and everyone else that we can do much, much better than we done today. 

on his message to the fans for their incredible support…
I’d just like to say that it was a hurtful day for us. We suffered together today and I understand that it hurts to see with all that support that we don’t perform better. I can just say that your support means so much to us, and keep believing in us and we will keep coming back stronger. 

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