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Every word from Arteta's post-Everton presser

Mikel Arteta applauds the supporters

For the final time this season, Mikel Arteta headed to the press room following our 2-1 win over Everton, pleased with the victory but disappointed to not be crowned Premier League winners.

He discussed his emotions, what is needed to get past Manchester City, transfer plans and much more.

Here is everything he had to say:

on the emotions at the end of the season:
First of all congratulations to Manchester City for winning the Premier League, it's unbelievable what they have done. Since December we’ve been on an incredible journey with every performance has been at the highest level we have seen and it still wasn’t enough, this is the level. Today is mixed emotions, first of all to be really proud of those players, the staff they have done an incredible job, they have pushed every limit, every margin that we could find to try to win this Premier League and unfortunately it was a bit short. We could not deliver the big prize that we wanted, you can feel it that they are desperate for it.

on taking things to the next level:
It’s the only way, so now we are sitting there and they took it away from us. It is the second season so there’s only one way to do it, you have to be more determined, you have to be more ambitious, you need to have a lot of courage and push every limit and everything that we have, because that’s the next step.

on what the difference was this year compared to last season:
Like I said everybody was available in the crucial moment of the season, huge difference.

on reflecting on games we didn’t win this season:
For sure, Aston Villa at home - in the first half we should’ve been 4-0 and maybe the story would be different, but what happened last Tuesday, maybe today we are champions. The margins are so, so, so small and that’s the credit the club and the team should take because we are doing this against the best team in the history of the Premier League, by far.

on whether it will take 100 points to win the Premier League:
I was there when we did 100 points so I know what it takes. I know what happened and this is the level, nobody has to explain to me what the level is, because I’ve been there four years, everyday so I know what we have to do if we’re going to reach there, not only for one season but for the rest. We are on the right path, in the right journey. To see the evolution so quickly happening, I haven’t seen it before, we are on the right trajectory, now we need to put the teeth and bite into it because we really want more. 

on plans for the summer transfer window:
Rest, have a beautiful holiday - that’s what we need first, because everybody has put every single drop of energy and passion that we had and now we need to rest. While we decompress, and rest and think we will have to start to think with more clarity.

on what plans are in motion right now:
The first one and most important is how we are going to get these players to a different level, that’s my first job. After that, visualising that we still don’t have enough to do that for sure we’re going to do everything we can to fill those gaps.

on if it’s healthy for the competition to have such high standards to win:
When you look in the last 15, 20 years of this league and the competition wasn’t like it is today, for sure, you are the champion. But this is not enough, but this is as well, probably we are getting better and better and better and faster because someone is so good you have to chase it, and that’s what makes you good as well. We cannot feel sorry for ourselves, we tried, we are improving. It was an unbelievable season again but we are not champions, that is the reality.

on the hunger from the squad to go again next season:
I had the same feeling in pre-season when we got together, we saw what was happening, players taking a different level, another year together, some big signings it was a huge belief in a squad that we can go all the way in any competition. I’ve experienced the Premier League for the first time in seven years we are right on it in the Premier League, we have to continue to be at that level.

on what levels the players are at:
In everything, in the way they compete, the way they talk about the future, the way they talk about what they are capable of doing, what we are capable of doing as a team, I sense a real belief there. They are really determined, before I didn’t have that feeling they really want to win and go toe-to-toe and look in the eyes of every opponent. Now I feel that.

on whether the squad could be negatively impacted by having to deliver a consistency of motivation:
I don’t think so, we are still there to win and that’s the motivation.

on what he is going to do tonight:
You want to come with me and have a look? I have my family here, a few friends, I’ll have a good dinner with them and then spend some time with the staff and the players together, that’s what I’m going to do.

on his belief that we will win the league title:
If we do what we have to do we’re going to be closer, and at the end we will win it, when? I don’t know, if we keep knocking and being that close at the end it will happen.

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