Press conference

Emery on club captains, young players, transfers

Unai Emery at the Emirates Cup

Unai Emery discussed a variety of subjects with the media after our 2-1 Emirates Cup defeat to Lyon on Sunday.

Our head coach was asked about topics including potential signings, who our club captain will be this season, and which youngsters have impressed him in pre-season.

Read on for how he answered:

on Lacazette's injury...
Good evening. We are thinking it's not [serious], he decided with the doctor and with me that it is better to take no more risk. He tried to continue playing but I think it was better in the pre-season to take patience. The doctor said to me he is going to check tomorrow but the thinking is that it is not [serious].

on if Laca is having scans…
It’s in his ankle. [A sprained ankle. He will probably be assessed over the next few days - but it’s not serious].

on Ozil and Kolasinac's absence from today's team...
Every player is very important in the team, but also each moment and some circumstances give us a decision between the player and us. It's not a good moment to play because their mind is not now 100 per cent. It's a very personal circumstance and the most important thing now is that they can feel good, they can feel safe, they can feel calm with their family. They came this morning but I spoke to them and decided it was best to continue their resting with their families and wait for a few days to hopefully come and start normally with the team.

on conceding from defensive lapses…
Obviously the result is 1-2, we lost. But I must say, in the first half I think we defended well. In the first half we were in very good positioning, defensively we didn't struggle and offensively we created chances. We controlled the game. Not every time with the possession because they played with a good combination with the ball and sometimes we needed to be without the ball, and sometimes we needed to be without the ball and be together in the defensive moments. But in general, in the first half, I think the team worked like we want to, to take the way forward. In the second half, maybe we lost a little bit of comfortability. In the second half we could have felt more comfortable in the pitch but this comfortability was not possible. We were thinking maybe because we are also sometimes creating chances, we are going to win at 1-0. But really it was a surprise. They arrived in the second half for two or three times and they scored. The experience was good and really I want to watch the match again and take arguments for continuing our way and improving. But really today, if I am worried about something, maybe it’s because we deserved to win and we didn't win. It can happen but the first objective is to win. The second is, for example in the first match at home, to show with every player and the young players. But we’re in pre-season and we now have 90 minutes more to get information about the team and where we are at this moment. We were winning and playing well in pre-season. Today also we played well but there are things to improve and we lost. Defensively, I think we are doing a good balance but in the second half we lost that a little. We are going to watch, work and take more decisions about that.

on Nicolas Pepe and if he is close to signing...
We are working, the club, and also thinking about how we can improve. There are different players on the table with the possibility that we can achieve their signature. Pepe is a very good player and also we are thinking only of players who can really, really improve this squad and also give us some different conditions to improve. The same, we are working for the last few weeks and before starting the season in the first match in Newcastle, our aim is to get the best team with the best players in our squad.

on if Arsenal should buy more defenders instead of attacking players…
We are deciding how we can improve. At the beginning we were thinking to do one player to achieve the possibility to sign, but only if we can really, really improve this position. It’s one centre back, one midfielder and one winger and we are going to (try) to do that. We are thinking the same. I want a team that is better than last year, so the players can achieve a lot being with us this season. Also we have a very good team. Only the players that can improve and help the squad [will be brought in].

on if Granit Xhaka is the club captain...
We are working now with the captains. They are Xhaka, Ozil and Nacho Monreal. I want to add two more and then I am going to decide the number one, two, three, four and five in the next weeks.

on the young players…
It’s their moment. We can give them confidence and the possibility to show [what they can do], and we are doing that. Pre-season is very special. In this moment we can also look at them, how they can help us now and also for our process in the future.

on Lyon...
I know them from two years with Paris in the league in France. They are a very good team. Every time they sell some players they replace them with good quality. They're a good team playing with good combinations and it's really no surprise for me, their performance today. They have a new coach but their spirit and their style has not changed.

on whether Ozil and Kolasinac will have more time off…
We are going to see each day. Tomorrow we are going to check again how they are. This morning they came here but weren’t ready to play the match.

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