'Cesc saw the game earlier than everyone else'

Philippe Senderos
Philippe Senderos

Philippe Senderos knew from the very first moment he watched Cesc Fabregas in trainingl that has was a special player.

Speaking exclusively to the ‘In Lockdown’ podcast, the Swiss international opened up on the Spaniard’s arrival in north London and the impact he had on the team.
"He was very, very early,” Senderos said. “He started a few games before I started. You could see in training as soon as he came in, you could see how special he was as a player.

“He could see the game earlier than everyone else. He was faster, he was playing one-twos around World Cup winners. It was incredible really.
"The way I think about it is like he was playing in a garden with his friends. I don't think he realised at the time where he was and who he was playing against, or he didn't care. He was so talented - he still is - and so ahead of his time that it was frightening to see."

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