‘Bouldy asked the referee to disallow the goal’

Arsenal players surround referee Peter Jones

Tony Adams had a watching brief for our FA Cup clash with Sheffield United having been rested by Arsene Wenger - and he understands the controversy that surrounded our winner.

Our club captain is delighted that the match will be played again at Highbury, and says it is the right move from the club.


“Steve Bould was captain in my absence and he asked the referee to disallow  the goal, but Steve was told he couldn't. No rule was broken. So it was, to my mind, quite right that we play the game again,” Adams said.


“I have been brought up in the Arsenal way - you play hard but fair. I try to win and I try to do it within the rules of the game. I am at a stage of my life when truth is very important and I could not have looked at myself in the mirror if we happened to go on and win the FA Cup if the result of the first game was accepted.


“It was exactly the right thing to do to offer another match and I am delighted it has been accepted and approved.”

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