Bergkamp - How Henry became the very best

Dennis Bergkamp
Dennis Bergkamp

Scoring goals always came naturally to Thierry Henry, but that wasn't all he offered on the pitch.

Speaking exclusively to our In Lockdown podcast, Bergkamp explained how our World Cup winner developed every aspect of his game to become the very best.


"You come across those sort of players, you just realise that they that have so much talent," Bergkamp said. "Maybe sometimes he was thinking, 'OK, to be the top scorer of the league it will take me 60% or 70% of my game, I want to do more.' 


"He was that good at the time, he was developing his own game as well and part of that was assisting other players. He could really enjoy that as well and in some training sessions you would see him defend like you've never seen before. 


"He always found a challenge in the game itself, whether it was assisting, goal-scoring or defending. If people would say one of the opponents was very quick, I guess he was thinking, 'OK, let's see how quick he is because I want to be the quickest.' 


"That's how he played his game, he was always looking for a challenge, always looking to become better and to show everyone how good he was. That's ideal to have such a player in your team."


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