Auba - The story of the Black Panther mask

It is one of his most iconic celebrations - so what is the story behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's Black Panther mask?

Speaking to Ian Wright and Alex Lacazette in an exclusive interview at London Colney in February, our club captain revealed all.

This is a transcript of what was discussed:

IW: This photo is the one! That’s powerful.
AL: And nobody knew!
IW: Did you know?
AL: No!
IW: How did you get it out there?
PEA: I used Paul the kit man. I put the mask there in the game before against Manchester United because I wanted to score against United, and I don’t know how but somebody took it and put it in a different area! I don’t know. After the penalty against Manchester I come over, look and go ‘Okay…’ and (run off!)
IW: It’s better to be honest because if you done it with the penalty, it wasn’t so…
PEA: Yeah, it wasn’t so…
IW: I remember I was up the top there and I think we done something here (earlier in the year) talking about another celebration and Spiderman!
PEA: Yeah, you asked me about Spiderman and I said no, I’ll do something different

Watch the interview by pressing the 'Play' button above - and you can watch part one 👇


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