Arteta - The work/life balance as a PL manager

Striking a good work/life balance is difficult enough for most of us, but the challenge for a Premier League manager must be substantial.

So how does Mikel cope with being a parent and the boss?

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"I think, me personally, this is what I need," he told Arsenal Media. 

"[I need] a week's organisation. So what does my week looks like? That has to be very clear because, within that week, family has to be present. There are a lot of things that take a lot of time out of you that are not necessary, and it's something that I've learned in the last 18 months. 

"The time thieves are out of the door. Things that are not relevant, priorities or important, they don't have to be done today because there is something other that I'm missing, and the family time is not something that I am willing to take [away] unless it's extremely necessary. 

"It's about trying to be there when you are there and sometimes that's the toughest thing because you are there, but your mind is somewhere else. You have things still to process or define or feelings that you have throughout the day, something that hasn't happened as you expected. And then, be lucky. 

"Have a family that understands almost everything and they have the capacity to love you unconditionally throughout this period in your life."

So now that his children are getting older, do they give Mikel advice or their analysis on how things are going?
"They do more now," he said. "They are still young. The oldest is 12, but they do sometimes and it's good opinions as well. 

"They understand and if anything they are supportive and they like to talk about other things and I love it because our relationship is not based on what I do, it's based on the father and son relationship, which is what it should be like."

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