Arteta on his plans for the international break

For the penultimate time this calendar year, Mikel Arteta is afforded the luxury of some time away from the hectic domestic football schedule.

So what does our head coach get up to during the international break? 


"We've worked hard for the last four days and now the players are going to have three days off," Arteta said. "I need three days off a little bit! 

"I don't know if I will be completely off, but we'll be away from the training ground a little bit, disconnect, spend time with the family and get our minds more relaxed. It's been challenging and demanding but we've had a lot of joy and good moments as well."

But will Arteta be able to switch off away from football? 


"That's why I've got my missus and my kids next to me to make sure that I do, because I need it," he said. "You cannot sustain that level of stress and demands and pressure all of the time. It's not healthy and you have to bring the system down a little bit."

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