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Arteta on... his job title changing to manager

It is a measure of the impact that Mikel Arteta has had since taking over that his job title has now changed to be known as our 'first-team manager'.

But what does the man himself think of the change - and the added expectations on him and the team this season?
This is what Arteta told the media on Friday:
on now being known as first-team manager…
My title has changed a little bit but I'm just here to try and do my job as well as possible. It is always nice to be recognised from the club for the job that I try to do but I just want to help the club to do the right things. When I have to be involved, great. When I work in any area, great. I just want to make this club more successful in this country as quickly as possible and in a sustainable way. That's my ambition. It's our ambition and we have to do it together.

on whether his new role brings about more expectation for success…
I think responsibility and pressure is always linked. I’m really grateful for the faith and commitment that the club is showing towards me and I’m just trying to do my job as good as possible to bring this club as quick as possible and efficiently back to the top in a sustainable way. This is my aim and the players and the people working in this organisation enjoy and feel really connected to this football club, the same as our fans. Whatever I have to do in order to achieve that, I will put all the hours, plus my commitment and passion to achieve that.


on whether people will be expecting more from Arsenal…
Every new season brings new expectations and I think the way we ended last season and started this one with a title, obviously people want to see more and more and this is a really positive sign. We want this type of energy to drive our team forward and tomorrow we have a great test at Fulham in a very English stadium against a promoted team who will be very ready and focused to try and beat us.
on how he reflects on his nine months with the club so far…
Well, I look 10 years older I think because it’s been really challenging! Obviously it was my first job as a head coach and a lot of things happened with a lot of interruptions and a lot of unexpected things, but we all together have been very consistent in what we’re trying to achieve and we all feel really supported by each other. There have been a lot of changes in our club and a lot of changes in our environment, but our idea and direction isn’t going to change and we’re aiming to achieve that. I think we have created some belief and that’s really important for the players, the staff and as well our fans. Now our aim is to continue to do that and to keep building and to keep getting engaged to this process to make it better and better.

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