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Arteta on the good and bad at Burnley

Mikel Arteta was happy with the way we started and ended Sunday's game at Burnley - but he wasn't so happy with what happened in between.

Read on for the key quotes from our 0-0 draw.
on whether a draw was a fair result…
Depending on the moment of the game. I think we started really, really well, we could have scored at least two. We dominated the game like we wanted, we got out from their pressure pretty well, we played in the opponents’ half and we controlled the long balls and second balls. After 20 to 25 minutes, we started to concede a lot of unnecessary free-kicks, throw-ins, corner kicks and when that happens you can’t find any continuity in your play and that is not the game we want to play. I was very disappointed with the way we started the second half, the first 15 to 20 minutes we could not control any aspect of the game and we allowed a lot of crosses and second balls inside our box, and at some stages we were lucky not to concede a goal. The positive thing is the reaction in the last 20 minutes, when we started to play again, we had the courage to play and the courage to take the opportunity that they allowed. The space was there because they committed a lot of people forward but we couldn’t finish the actions well enough to score.

on what he needs to do to get a 90-minute performance from the team…
I hope it doesn’t [take long]. There have been different circumstances. I wouldn’t compare what happened today with what happened in the last four games, because for two of them we played with 10 men, which is not easy as well. We need more consistency, with the ball as well. We were fantastic in some moments, but were so sloppy and put ourselves in big trouble with a lot of unnecessary situations that we have to improve, because that gives the opponent an opportunity where there is a real scenario for nothing to happen. We need to improve that a lot.
on being 'sloppy' on the ball...
Well, the conditions were difficult, the grass was long. They didn't put any water on it and obviously that's not a very helpful thing to play football.
on whether he should have expected the playing conditions considering how long he's been in England...
Absolutely. I didn't water the pitch yesterday in the training ground, so I expected it! But that doesn't make it easier to play. It's the game, you know, they do really well at what they do. It is a strength, they are are allowed to do it, so we have to adapt.

on if he felt that his players didn't adapt well enough...
We adapted really well in some moments and in some others it wasn't the grass, it was the quality and what they do, they do really well and we could not cope with that in the right way.

on if he's been impressed by the way Mustafi has responded to his error at Chelsea...
Yes. I said to him that he could make a mistake but I like his reaction afterwards and the courage he had to play and make decisions. He's been training really well and I think you could see today how good he was.

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