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Ticket Exchange, seller Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is eligible to use the Ticket Exchange to sell their seat(s)?

Platinum, Gold, Silver & Red Arsenal members can use this service to sell their seat(s) for a forthcoming fixture.

I am a Gold Level member in the Family Enclosure can I use the Ticket Exchange service?

You will not be able to use this facility online, however, please telephone our Fan Services Team on 020 7619 5000 for more details.

I am a Gold Level member with Disability Access, can I use this service?

Yes, please click here to login and use this service for any sold out home fixtures. Alternatively, please call the Disability Team on 020 7619 5000 Option 2 for more details.

I am a Silver / Red Member can I sell my ticket using this service?

Yes, new to the 23/24 season, both Silver and Red member can now sell their tickets on the Ticket exchange.

Is this service available over the telephone?

No unfortunately due to the number of exchanges that are likely to take place and the need for automation this is an online service only available through

How do I view my Ticket Exchange account?

You can view your Ticket Exchange account entering your membership number & password into the Online Box Office. Under the Account History section select Ticket Exchange and you view a full Ticket Exchange history.

How do I use the Ticket Exchange service?

A full step-by-step guide to this service is available here.

My friend does not have access to a computer can I trade on his behalf via the Ticket Exchange service?

Yes, please ensure that if you are posting tickets on behalf of another season ticket holder that they are added to level 2 of your online network prior to the process.

What is My Network?

Adding members to your network will make it easier for you to use our online services. A full step-by-step guide to this service is available here.

How much will I be charged for the Service?

It is free for a seller to post their ticket on the Ticket Exchange. If your ticket is sold, you will receive the face value ticket price, less an less an administrative fee.

When will I receive the sum credited to my account for the matches I have traded?

The balance of your account will be deducted from your membership renewal fee or can be withdrawn during the advertised Cashback windows advertised on the Ticket Exchange page of

Can I use Ticket Exchange for any Arsenal home fixture?

The Ticket Exchange service will only be made available for certain fixtures once all tickets have sold. (Please check for availability)

What can I do if I have registered my seat for sale and then change my mind?

If your seat remains unsold you will have the facility to cancel.

I have sold my seat through the Ticket Exchange service and now wish to attend the fixture that I have sold the ticket for, is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately not.

What is the latest I can post my seat for sale?

The latest you can post your seat via this service is up to 3 hours prior to the fixture kick off, unless stated otherwise.

When can I put my seat up for sale?

You will be able to register your seat once all tickets have sold out for a fixture.

Is there a limit to how many times that I can post a seat in a season?

Subject to Ticket Exchange being ‘live' for a fixture, you can post as many times as you wish.

Are there any other ways that I can resell my ticket?

No, Ticket Exchange is the only official and legal way for Platinum/Gold members to resell their seats.

Can I check the status of my posted seat(s) online?

You can view your Ticket Exchange account entering your membership number & password into the Online Box Office. Under the Account History section select Ticket Exchange.

Will I be notified on the status of my seat once the service has closed?

We would always recommend that you visit your online account for confirmation on the status of your seat once the service has closed.

I have more than one season ticket seat within my network that I wish to post via the Ticket Exchange.  Can I post them so they can only be sold as a group?

At present, it is not possible to restrict your group to be sold in this way via the Arsenal Ticket Exchange. Each seat will be posted individually for resell once successfully posted.

My season ticket is relocated for UEFA fixtures. Can I post my seat on the Ticket Exchange for resell?

As you receive a discount on your season ticket, you will only be able to post your seat for UEFA fixtures from the round of 16 onwards. However, you may not receive the full amount once your ticket has sold until we have progress further in the competition.  

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