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Arsenal Ticket Exchange FAQs - Buyer

Ticket Exchange overview

A list of commonly asked questions about Ticket Exchange.

Q. Who is eligible to use the new Ticket Exchange service to buy a ticket? 
A. Silver and Red level members of The Arsenal.

Q. I am a Platinum/Gold Level Member can I buy a ticket using this service?
A. Only Silver/Red level members can currently buy tickets via this service. 

Q. What will I be charged to use this service? 
A. There is no additional charge over the standard booking fees that are in place for an online booking.

Q. When will the Ticket Exchange service be available for a fixture? 
A. The Ticket Exchange service will only be made available for certain fixtures once all tickets have sold out... For ticket availability visit

Q. What happens after I have purchased a ticket? 
A. You receive a confirmation email containing the relevant seat information; simultaneously your card will be activated with the relevant fixture. 

Q. I have purchased a ticket via Ticket Exchange but am no longer able to attend the match can I get a refund? 
A. No, unfortunately you will not be able to get a refund.

Q. Who do I call if I have a problem? 
A. Call the Arsenal Contact Centre on 020 7619 5000.

Q. I have been forwarded more than one ticket from a Platinum/Gold member via the Ticket Exchange, can I accept them both under the one membership number or will one of the seats have to be reassigned?
A. You can only accept one ticket per membership and will not be able to reassign the ticket to another member when using this service. The Platinum or Gold member will need to cancel the offer and transfer the ticket to another Silver/Red member from within their network.

Tickets purchased via the Ticket Exchange are subject to the Home Match Ticket / Electronic Entry Card Terms and Conditions.