Young Guns: Reice Charles-Cook

Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers programme

This season, Arsenal fans can get to know the Club's youth players in more detail in the 'Young Guns' section of the Official Matchday Programme.

It's the turn of young goalkeeper Reice Charles-Cook this week - so read on to discover the 18-year-old's favourite food, his best friend in football and why Denzil Washington would play him in a film.


Which school did you go to?
Forest Hill Boys

When did you first play for Arsenal?
At the age of nine

Brothers and sisters?
I have got six brothers, three older and three younger

Best friend in football?
Mr Jordan Wynter

Have you represented your country?

Tell us another sport you are good at?
Cross country, cricket, athletics and American Football - I have a quarter-back arm


Who plays you in a film?
Denzil Washington

Who are you stuck with on a dessert island?
Bernie Mac

What meal can you eat every day?
Chicken chow mein

What show is always on TV?
Big Bang Theory

Where in the world would you live?

Which footballer teaches you all your skills?
Iker Casillas


Give us a mark out of ten for the following aspects of your game.
Right foot - 10
Left foot - 9
Heading - 6
Passing - 9
Shooting - 10
Crosses - 8
Distribution - 7
Shot stopping - 10
Communication - 8

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