Got what it takes to become a Squad Boss legend?

Take on Mikel's role as Head Coach now on iTunes or Google Play

Squad Boss allows you to select your own Arsenal six-a-side team. Choose one goalie, two defenders, two midfielders, and one striker from the entire Arsenal squad. Your squad will score points based on the real-life performance of your players in the Premier League and The Emirates FA Cup.

Based on the points you earn throughout the season, you'll receive a manager ranking. Can you progress from Rookie status and become a Legend? 

As the Boss, you'll have to make some difficult decisions over who to pick for your fantasy team. Make sure you check in on your team for the debrief following each match to help inform your selections for the next one. 

You can even create your own mini-league and play along with friends and family by sharing a code. 

Take a look at the rules of play below... Be careful, you can also lose points! 

If you haven’t already downloaded the Junior Gunners app, download it today for free to your mobile or tablet via iTunes or Google Play

Breakdown Points
Score a goal +50
Hat trick +100
Played in match +25
Full 90 bonus +10
Defender clean sheet +25
Keeper clean sheet +35
Concede (MID) -5
Concede (DEF) -15
Concede (GK) -25
Yellow card -25
Red card -50