Alexis - What I have learnt from Messi

Lionel Messi is an inspiration to budding young footballers across the world, as well as those whose stars are already on the rise.

But perhaps what speaks loudest about his quality is that Messi is considered an inspiration by those who have played alongside him at elite level - like Alexis.

In the eyes of Alexis, it's not Messi's raw ability that impresses him most. It's his attitude.

"I think he has an incredible winning mentality," Alexis told Arsenal Player. "He says 'Here I am and I am the best'. That attitude means not only that he’s a brilliant footballer but also that he can get better.

"He has such a strong mental attitude and when he steps on the pitch he declares 'I'm the best and I'll prove it'.

"That's how players should be. That's how I feel and I’m sure plenty of other players are the same.

"You want to be the best because you want to show that you are the best. You have to think like that.”

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