Alexis - The secret to my success

Alexis celebrates his last-gasp winner against Burnley

He’s played in most of the world’s foremost leagues, has scored at the World Cup and has won the Copa America twice - but what makes Alexis tick?

“Looking at everything I’ve done in my career as a footballer, at all the titles, I believe that what’s hugely important is motivation,” he explained to Arsenal Player. “If a footballer is well motivated and has various things to motivate him every day, he will keep achieving his goals.

“Everything in life depends on feeling motivated, whether you are talking about a child, a family or an individual. In my case my life has changed and improved because different things have motivated me.

“For example in the beginning my motivation was to help my family. Later on my motivation was to be the best.

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“It’s the joy you get from your family and from those close to you that motivates you. That gives you the push you need to get better.

“So even if a match has gone badly, you don’t let it get to you and you move forward. As a footballer, everything you’ve achieved can easily be lost and then you are nobody. That’s just how life is and that’s why you shouldn’t let things get you down. That’s the reason I treat every match like a final.

“I try to do that in every game – to give 100 per cent. Life is like a pair of scales. One minute you can be right up there and the next really low.

“It’s important to try and maintain a sense of balance and that’s down to the individual.”

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