Alexis - The truth about rabbit story

By Connor Armstrong

There is a story that during his time in Barcelona that Alexis once rescued a rabbit and made it a pet of his own.

But is it really true? Or just an exaggeration?

The man himself has given his take on the tale once and for all and revealed just how it came to exist.


Alexis adorns the front of the latest Arsenal Magazine

Alexis adorns the front of the latest Arsenal Magazine


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"Yes, that story is true,” Alexis told Arsenal Player. “I was driving up in the mountains not far from Barcelona with my mother and friends when a white rabbit got in our way and stopped in front of us.


“Apparently rabbits get blocked when a strong light points at them. I suggested that we catch him and that’s what we did.

“I ended up having three pets as opposed to two. I took care of him and fed him.

“I remember [once] being on my way to training and having to turn back and return home because I had forgotten to feed my pets!"


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