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Player Pack: Sol Campbell

Welcome to the Arsenal Home Learning resource pack, featuring club legend Sol Campbell.

These Literacy, Numeracy and PE activities are directly based on the National Curriculum. The activities are suitable for children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7-11), although younger children may require some additional support. Share photos of your children’s work on Twitter using #AFCHomeLearning.

Please note that for a number of these activities, you'll need to download the writing template located at the bottom of this page.

In the video above, Sol answers the questions you submitted as part of the #AFCHomeLearning reading task. He also shares his fascinating journey from East London schoolboy to the FA’s centre of excellence, some of his most memorable career moments and his hopes for the right managerial opportunity in the future.


Reading: Complete the reading comprehension on Sol. Find out all about Sol Campbell’s amazing footballing career. Then see how much you remember by answering the questions. Available as an online quiz here or worksheet below:

Writing: Write instructions to explain how to prepare for a derby match. Watch the video, then create your own instructions to help someone get ready for a big game. Download the instructions below and the writing template from the bottom of the page:


Tackle Sol Campbell’s numeracy quiz. Based directly on the National Curriculum, children can keep their maths skills sharp by completing this quiz on a wide range of numeracy topics. The activity is aimed at years 5 and 6, younger children may need support. Access the online quiz here 


These PE activities are focused on strength, jumping and ambition. The Sol Campbell-inspired pack will help you to develop these skills. Designed for the home, they require no specialist equipment. Download the resources below:


Design: Test your artistic skills by copying this photograph of Sol. Use the grid to help you make it as accurate as possible. Please share your drawings with us using #AFCHomeLearning. Download the resource here:

Fun: Colour in Martinelli. Test your artistic skills by colouring in this cartoon version of Gabi. Share your work with us using #AFCHomeLearning


If you have access to a printer, feel free to use our writing and plain templates below. Otherwise, activities can be completed online, on a tablet or computer, or on plain paper.

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