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The Arsenal Employability Programme helps local people in Islington find jobs by offering advice and support on finding and applying for work. Borry Jarju, aged 44, reveals how he has benefitted from this Arsenal in the Community scheme.

“I was born and raised in the Gambia, and I came to the UK four years ago. It was tough, of course, and it’s very difficult to adapt to living in a new country if you don’t have any help from either organisations or people in your new home. But I did.”

“I was very lucky to find Arsenal in the Community through Freedom From Torture, and they have helped me with lots of things in my life. I started going – and still go – to football sessions in which we play matches against local teams and sides from other areas. Last season we played a team from Norwich.”

“We do other things too, and recently we went to Barnet Golf Club to try playing golf. It’s great to be able to do these things, and it really helps to feel part of a group.”

”The Arsenal Employability Programme has also been a massive help. The people there helped me learn about my responsibilities as an employee, and also the responsibilities that employers have to their staff – every aspect of being part of the workforce in this country.”

“They helped me write my CV, apply for jobs and learn to cope with interviews. It went so well that two weeks ago I got a job with Debenhams, working in their cafeteria. I don’t know exactly what’s involved yet because I have my induction tomorrow, but it feels really good to have a job and I can’t wait to get started.”

“To tell you the truth – and you might think I am over-emphasising but I’m not – the most important thing in life is to feel appreciated, and Arsenal in the Community have given me that. And so I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone who’s helped me. The wonderful people there have all been exceptional to me and given me so much support.”

“I thought Arsenal was just a football club, but it goes beyond that. It’s not just about the team or even about the club helping kids to play football. It helps build people’s lives.

“Before, I was one out of ten. Now I am ten out of ten.”

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