Extra: Wenger on Chelsea and title race

Arsène Wenger faced the media ahead of the Premier League trip to Liverpool. Here are some extra quotes from the boss. For the headlines, visit our Digest page:

on summer transfers...
You understand certainly very well that my focus is on Liverpool and not so much on the transfer market. My eye is not on the transfer market at the moment.

on Mourinho saying Chelsea are a 'little horse' in the title race…
I don't know, they are in there. It is easy to move out if you don't want! I just think they are in there, of course. We focus on our side and do not listen too much to what people say. What is important is that it is a period where you show up with good performances.

on the significance of Man City's defeat...
I told you that [everyone could lose games] one month ago, and you did not believe me. There is no invincible team I think because there are so many quality teams in the Premier League. It is just about how close you are to your best every time which decides the game.

on his contract...
No, no [there is no hold-up].

on changing focus from the Premier League to Europe...
We have gone for a policy that is to just take care of the next game, because the confidence level is so important to go into the big games that you want to build your strength up by winning every single game. That's just what we want to do. After, we don't really look at what kind of competition it is at the moment, because we know, in the situation we are in, the most important thing is to win our next game.

on looking at Bayern's results…
Of course I look at their results and how they behave, but not more than that. That will become more intense when we get closer to that game. At the moment it is just of interest, of course I look at them.

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