'English football is at turning point'

The Premier League has never been won by an English manager - in fact, no domestic coach has guided any team to the top-division title since Howard Wilkinson in 1992, with Leeds United.

So, does English football have an issue with producing top-level staff? Not according to Arsène Wenger.

“I don’t think there is especially an English problem,” he said at his pre-Southampton press conference. “It’s down to the fact that the Premier League’s attraction power internationally and today all the big clubs have foreign managers and that’s basically it.

“Overall, I must say, you have always many Scottish people who have won championships in England as well. I’ll just take advantage to say hello to Ferguson on that!

“So overall, I don’t know, I don’t know really the problem. I believe now you have many young English managers who come into the league and certainly I don’t think it will last 25 more years.

“The English FA has done a good job by educating their coaches and so I think that we will see soon a change in that.

“When I arrived, I remember there were articles in some media saying a foreign manager can never win an English championship, you know. So did I contribute to that? Certainly, because I was one of the few who was here 20 years ago.

“But it will change again, I am convinced that we are at the turning point of English football history and that some young English managers will now get in there and win the Premier League.”


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