'We have to get to 87 or 88 points'

By Connor Armstrong

As 2016 draws to a close, one member of the Arsenal squad has already turned his attentions to the year to come.

That man is Petr Cech, with the four-time Premier League winner already calculating how many points will be needed if he is to add a fifth title to his current haul.

"Overall you need to be consistent to get to 87 or 88 points and it doesn’t really matter how you get to that," he said. "If you have back-to-back losses then you have to go and make up for it in different games. Then you can catch up.

"It’s a long-term competition so if you have a period where you’ve not been particularly great, you can still make up for it.

"There are still enough games to make up for our blip and I also think it’s impossible for our opponents to not drop points.

"There’s still a big opportunity for us to close the gap now. Between now and the end of January, the table might look completely different."

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