'Everton are always very dangerous'

We head to Goodison Park on Tuesday night in good spirits after extending our unbeaten Premier League run to 14 matches.

Arsene Wenger was asked by the media about the game against Everton, his relationship with Ronald Koeman and more on Monday’s press conference.

This is what he had to say:

on Ronald Koeman…Well, he has changed them. I think they had a strong start, Everton, and overall they are one of the dangerous teams where you look at the schedule and you need a strong performance to get the points. I believe he has started very well.

on his relationship with him…It’s respectful. He has done a good job at Everton and at Southampton as well. I played against him as well when he was the Ajax manager and it was always a very tight and very difficult game.

on if he can believe Koeman is under pressure…No, I don’t believe so in fact.

on Everton only beating Arsenal once in 19 matches…I don’t know why. We always prepare well because it’s a very difficult ground. It’s a ground which has a soul and is full of history, and that certainly keeps us on alert.

on Everton hoping to break into the top four…They were very close many times and I think they’ve been in the top four, in the Champions League, once or twice since I’ve been here. Why [haven’t they made the step]? Because they have had top-quality clubs and teams in front of them. For many years you’ve had teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, and it’s been difficult for them to get in there.

on Romelu Lukaku…I knew him when he played in Belgium. He came to Chelsea very early and, once a player is at a big London club, it’s difficult for us to get him.

on Everton only winning one in 10…I don’t really know [why that is]. I think the difficulty of the Premier League maybe.

on tensions in stands when Everton hosted Man United…I don’t expect any weakness from our opponents. I’m more focused on our process, on our performance.

on if the atmosphere can affect a home team…Well, yes. I don’t know how the atmosphere will be [on Tuesday] night. It’s very difficult to predict that.


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