Ozil - I work on weaknesses every day

When your natural ability has made you one of the most talented sportsmen on the planet, it would be easy to ignore the weaknesses in your game.

But what marks out the best from the rest is that determination to constantly improve, and Mesut Ozil has the inner drive to maintain the progress he has made in recent seasons.

“I think it’s really important [to keep working],” he told Arsenal Player. “If you want to develop as a footballer, you have to work on your weaknesses every day.

 “You have to have talent but of course nobody is perfect, and you have to work hard to minimise those weaknesses as well as you can. I’m working hard on that - for example, I’m not ambidextrous, so I’m working on my right foot too.

“Especially if you play in the Premier League, you have to look after your body because the matches are very demanding and you have plenty of matches. That’s why you have to work hard, to make sure you stay fit.

“I knew that if I moved to Arsenal, I would develop myself further, especially under the boss. I’m on a good way, the team really supports me, the manager gives me his trust and you see that I enjoy myself on the pitch.”

Ozil was already one of the best playmakers in the world when he joined the club from Real Madrid in 2013, but he feels he has made significant strides since then.

“I’m definitely more experienced,” he said. “I’ve got plenty of successful years behind me, for which I’m very thankful.

“The older you get, the more active you are in the Premier League. You develop yourself and have experiences - that’s what I’m doing at the moment.”

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