Arsenal Women

A message from Alex Scott

Alex Scott has penned the following message to fans of the club.


This upcoming season marks the 30th anniversary of women’s football at Arsenal.

Alongside many positive developments, it is with excitement that once again at Arsenal we are looking at ways in which we can take the modern game to a new level.


Going forward, we will drop the term ‘Ladies’ from the Arsenal name, which I feel is a positive and bold statement of intent, support and unity. Although our official new name will be Arsenal Women, you will notice that this will only be used in need of official clarity.


Sometimes change can be hard to accept, especially when you associate the Arsenal Ladies name with such history. We have always been at the forefront of women’s football in this country and it is a name that is recognised around the world now.


It is also a name that has a great legacy. However a legacy is not something that you leave behind, your legacy is also what you teach and pass on to the next generation.


This is one of many positive developments going on at Arsenal. We are attracting some of the best players in the world to our team, and we are training in world class facilities. In changing our name we are celebrating a new chapter in our history, a chapter in which we want to empower a new generation of both males and females. The term ‘Women’ delineates between men and women without as many stereotypes or preconceived notions and it is in keeping with modern day thinking on equality.


At Arsenal we want to continue to inspire young people and to be positive influences for all females and males around the world no matter what age or circumstance. We want to continue to show that we are at a stage that it is ok to welcome change, to speak out and to dream whilst having the confidence to do so.


As a team we will continue to work hard and we will carry the pride of our history forward with the main aim to be the best that we can be.

We are moving forward together as a club and I hope that this sends out a message that times are changing for the better.


We will continue to be leaders and pioneers both on and off the field. We are very excited for the future and we are looking forward to your continued support this season.


Your Captain, 

Alex Scott  

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